3 Heart Opening Tips To Amplify Your Attraction Point

In today’s video we’re going to talk about 3 heart opening tips that you can use to energetically align with the emotional energy that is needed to attract your desires.

Also at the end of this video I’ll share with you two separate stories on how I use these exact heart opening tips to manifest not only relationships but also money.

Stay tuned because you’ll want to hear about those.


Heart Opening Tip #1 – Understand How Your Heart Feels

Tip #1 one is to understand how your heart is feeling.

So often we’re moving so fast we don’t even understand what’s going on in our heart.

In order to be able to attract on an energetic level we have to have an open and expansive heart space.

This allows us to connect our heart to the greater field of energy around us and draw things to us.

But if you don’t know how you’re feeling and your heart is actually shut down and you don’t realize it, you can’t actually manifest what you desire.

So the key is to slow down; close your eyes and find out what’s going on in your heart center.

Focus on how it feels. Does your heart center feel tired? Or achy? Closed? Shut down? Just not open?

Or on the other hand does it feel open?Expansive? Joyful and radiating outward?

You really want to pay attention to that because you’ll use that to correlate with Step #2.

It will help you begin to do your heart opening technique.

Heart Opening Tip #2 – Find A Safe Space

Tip #2 is to find a safe space to open your heart.

Now often our heart is closed because of fear or disappointment from past experiences.

So we need to feel safe to be able to open our heart again to energetically attract what we want.

Either find a space in your home alone; maybe your bedroom or your couch or wherever it is or with a trusted family member or friend that you know loves you unconditionally.

Set that safe space so that you can begin to do the focused heart opening technique I will teach you in a second.

Heart Opening Tip #3 – Use An Anchor To Open Your Heart

Tip #3 is to use an anchor to open your heart.

So once you have that safe space where you’re ready to open your heart; you want to close your eyes and set the intention of anchoring into something that makes you feel loved. That makes your heart open.

Maybe that’s a certain place. That’s a certain person. Maybe it’s your pet. Maybe it’s your children.

Whatever it is that is gonna allow you to automatically open your heart and radiate love.

You want to think about that thing.

Once you have a grasp on that thing and you feel your heart begin to expand, you want to then merge that with the intention of your future desire.

Whatever it is you’re looking to manifest in the future.

As you begin to watch the love you’re feeling and the future intention merge together you will be able to hold those two feelings together of love in the future and begin to manifest.

As you practice this daily you will notice that you can hold the intention of love and your future together longer and longer.

The longer that you can hold that feeling; the faster your manifestation will come to you. Because it’s actually being pulled to you energetically.

When we want to manifest something what we’re doing is we’re trying to create something in our physical lives to make us feel a certain way.

However, if we already feel that way we can draw those things right to us.

The longer that you can hold that energy frequency of love while you’re thinking about your future; you’ll begin to notice if you pay attention in your body it feels like that future is physically coming closer to you.

You can feel it growing inside of your body.

And you’ll get to a point where it will be so solid and feels so real inside of your body it then becomes a physical manifestation outside of your body.

Then what will happen is when it physically manifests it no longer feels like something that is out of reach or it’s outside of you but as a natural extension of yourself.

When you feel that natural extension of yourself it will manifest into your reality.

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Manifesting Love Miracles

Do you remember those two stories I was going to tell you about manifesting miracles around love and money?

I’m going to share them with you now.

So the first one I want to talk about is actually around love.

A while ago I met someone that I was really interested in. And just immediately felt drawn to this person.

I never told him that I felt this way and never flirted with him.

I never even really talked to him. My intention was that I was really attracted to him.

And so I started to use these techniques to open my heart and think about this person.

Over the course of time we really never talked and then one day he came up to me and said I really want a relationship with you.

Just out of the blue. And it was really funny because literally we never talked about anything like that.

We had never flirted or really anything and I knew I had drawn him to me based on using my heart techniques.

Now at the end of the day the relationship didn’t work out because I wasn’t in a space to be ready to create the next step in it.

But it showed me that I was able to attract this person by simply just opening my heart and expanding energy towards this person.


Manifesting Money Miracles

The second story is about money.

This story ends a little better because I did receive this manifestation and was able to accept it when it was given to me.

About a year ago I was working in North Carolina and decided I was ready to take a leap.

Get a brand-new job and move to Chicago. So I packed up my stuff in North Carolina. I quit my job and I moved to Chicago without a job.

Because I knew I had the ability to attract and to manifest what I wanted.

So I set my intentions that I wanted to manifest a job in the event industry. I wanted to make a certain amount of money.

I wanted to be working downtown. After setting the intention, I moved to Chicago.

There was this void where I hadn’t actually manifested that reality yet.

When I was sitting in the void I met several people out in the city who knew that I was looking for a job.

They were trying to help save me and give me jobs in different areas.

I knew what I had come to do. I had set my intention. So I didn’t accept those jobs. I didn’t give in to the fear of not getting what I wanted.

I kept applying to jobs and I wasn’t finding any jobs that were actually matching up with my financial requirements.

But I just kept holding strong because I knew internally that I was creating this.

Then after a while I saw a job that actually met my financial number. So I applied and I got called for an interview. Then I got
offered the job.

When I was offered the salary it was literally the exact number I had set my intentions on.

I didn’t give them an exact number when I applied. I gave them a range and on top of that they gave me a bonus.

And guess what? The job was in the events industry, in downtown Chicago.

It was exactly how I had imagined my future.

I used those heart-opening tips and drew those opportunities directly to me.

It was just having the patience to wait for them to show up in my reality so I didn’t take a step towards something that I didn’t truly desire.

I hope that helps you understand how you can use your heart opening tips to draw things to you and to create a new

Go out; try this and I will see you in the next video. Take care!