3 Ways To Let Go of Your Parents Expectations

In today’s video we’re going to talk about 3 ways to let go of your parents expectations.

Do you worry if you follow your inner truth you’re going to actually upset or disappoint your parents or loved ones?

Sharing an inner truth that we know will disappoint someone that we love can often be difficult but it’s also the key to creating freedom and true independence.

So in this video, I’m going to share with you 3 ways that you can let go of your parents expectations and begin to flourish in your own life.

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So let’s go ahead and get started and jump into Step #1.

Step #1 – Build Your Inner Strength & Courage

Step #1 is to build your inner strength and courage.

To speak your truth you must be ready.

When you go to speak your truth to those that you love you must be willing to accept the outcome regardless of what happens. You have to be willing to release your parents expectations.

This means you need to create an inner knowing that you’re going to be okay and you’re going to be more than okay regardless of what happens.

It also means you need to learn to trust your intuition.

Even though others outside of you might not agree with your decisions, it doesn’t mean that it’s not right for you.

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And lastly to get to this place of building strength and courage you need to build up your inner self-love.

One of the things that I do, is I do mirror work. Where I literally look in the mirror and I say to myself I love you, I love you, I love you.

And at first it may feel weird and you may not believe it. But eventually as you begin to say it over and over again while looking at yourself you begin to instill the belief that you do love yourself.

This helps you manage what’s going on around you and love yourself regardless of the outcome.

So go practice that daily.

You will begin to feel that self-love that is bigger than anything else that’s happening around you.

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Step #2 – Speak Your Truth

So Step #2 is to speak your truth.

Once you’ve built your inner strength and confidence it’s time to speak your truth to those that you love.

This is going to allow you to let go of your parents expectations and step into the freedom to follow the path that you were meant to follow.

Now growing up I grew up in a very religious family. Things like law of attraction and energy and intuition
we’re pretty much considered devil’s work.

So for me to come out and say that I believed in a different way. That I didn’t necessarily believe in the way that religion taught me, was something that was very scary for me.

But it was also something I needed to do to liberate myself and to be able to do the work that I was put into the world to do.

So I had these conversations with my family. I also had conversations with my family about being an entrepreneur.

I wasn’t one of those people that can be in a job and toil away just to make money without serving a larger purpose.

Now my family they grew up in this space of safety and security of a good job and the health insurance and everything that made you feel like everything was going to be ok.

I just didn’t operate like that. So for a long time, I kept those jobs just to feel safe and to please my parents.

It wasn’t until I was able to break free of that and just ultimately say this is what I’m doing for better or for worse. Support me or don’t support me, I’m going forward with this.

That’s when things really began to open up in life for me.

Step #3 – Process Your Grief To Full Release Your Parents Expectations

So Step #3 is to process your grief.

No matter the outcome of the conversation grief will naturally arise.

Whether it’s because the outcome of the conversation wasn’t what you expected or whether it was because you’ve been hiding yourself for so long from those that you love, you’re naturally going to have emotions arise.

So take a moment, slow down and get in touch with yourself. Touch your body where you may feel any pain or where you may feeling your emotion is bubbling up.

Maybe it’s your shoulder and say body what do you want me to know? What do you want me to feel?

Let whatever is going to come up, come up.

You may laugh. You may cry. Or you may shake.

Your body will release emotions and trauma and that repressed energy by sometimes making our body move them or by crying or just there’s so many different ways.

But whatever comes up, let that happen.

Because what you’re doing is you’re finally letting go of your parents expectations which will energetically open up your energy to create space for the new life that you’ve so been wanting and been hiding from to come into your reality.

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Take care!