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Welcome To

The Own Your Worth Project

Are you a female entrepreneur
that dreams of a life of
financial freedom, wealth & abundance?

The freedom to live the life
you've always imagined
with no financial restraints.

 Here's the deepest truth...
 you are worthy of
financial wealth & abundance.

Based on your inner feelings of
wealth, health & abundance,
 you attract the people & circumstances
linked to those same energetic frequencies.

The secret to transforming
your financial worth is
changing how you

see yourself from the inside out.

The secret lies in owning your worth!

If you are ready to create a new financial destiny,
then you are in the right place! 

The mission of

is to help women own their worth &
attract the wealth & abundance they desire!

It's our goal to give women the tools, skills, confidence and mindset
to allow them to effortlessly attract the money they know they are worthy of receiving. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, want to be an entrepreneur
you will learn everything you need to know to
overcome your money fears and own your financial worth.

On this Site You'll Find...

  • Tips to release your money fears
  • How to let go of limiting money beliefs
  • Tools you can use to rebuild your relationship with money
  • Ways To build your confidence around money
  • Programs to help you attract more money
  • Tips for running and opening a business as a woman
  • An​d more!

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About The Founder


I'm Tanner Kennedy, Law of Attraction Money Mentor & Founder of The Own Your Worth Project.

At the age of 27, I found myself as the managing Director at my job. I was making more money than most of my peers. Life seemed like a fairy tale and money came to me effortlessly.

Then I went through a series of emotionally and financially abusive relationships. 

That is when my life drastically changed. 

I lost almost all my money, couldn't hold down a job and was being paid far less than what I knew My talents and experience were worth.

As I began to search for answers, I realized the trauma I experienced severely altered my relationship with money. 

I kept Attracting similar experiences over and over again. The Universe was bringing me these people and circumstances to help me work through the stored emotional energy of the trauma I experienced.

Deep down I was subconsciously afraid of money and pushed it away. I saw it as a source of harm. all of this took a toll on my inner sense of worth.

I knew the only way through this was to rebuild my relationship to money. To begin to trust it again and see it as not only an ally but also my biggest supporter. 

after a lot of studying and trial and error, I began to rebuild my relationship & trust with money. 

As I put the pieces in place, as if by magic, more and more money started showing up effortlessly.

From this experience, I made it my mission to teach other female entrepreneurs how to heal their relationship with money so they could also attract Wealth, health & Abundance they desired.