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In today’s video, I’m going to talk to you about the spiritual meaning of COVID-19 and how it is helping you manifest a better reality.

Now you know what’s going on in the world right now.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, there’s also race riots and just civil unrest all around.

There’s actually a deeper meaning  as to why this is happening on a bigger cosmic scale.

And how this is actually going to lead us to more peace, harmony, and the life that we’ve always wanted.

So right now, especially in western culture, it is very dominated by what I consider toxic masculine energy.

Masculine energy by nature is not necessarily toxic, but it’s the way that it comes out, that makes it toxic.

So when you see things like aggression, violence, pushing, forcing, anything of that nature that’s a toxic masculine energy.

And what’s happening is a lot of our structures in society were built on this pushing, forcing and controlling other people to create what needed to be created.

But just like a house that’s built on a faulty foundation, when you create based on something that’s not structurally sound and not well thought out or done with balanced energies,it ultimately will crumble.

Right now what you’re seeing is the crumbling of the faulty structures. The crumbling of the financial dynamics and social dynamics that are not meant to stay on this earth.

The Spiritual Meaning of COVID-19

The spiritual meaning of COVD-19 is that it’s caused us to slow down and to get into our feminine energy. Feminine energy is the opposite of the masculine energy. By slowing down we can reflect on how we are imbalanced.

We are being given the chance to balance ourselves out so that we can move forward. Then we can use our masculine energy in an inspired and authentic and ultimately beneficial way.

Because when we take action from an inspired place, from a thoughtful place, from a well-thought-out strategy, we create a foundation that lasts.

And we have to take all pieces into account to create that lasting foundation.

So it’s about creating not only a win for yourself or a win for somebody else but a win for the unit together.

How To Make The Most of The Spritual Meaning of COVID-19

So we can use this deeper spiritual meaning of COVID-19 to begin re-balancing.

We’re being asked to look at where are we out of balance whether that’s financially, emotionally, other control dynamics in relationships.

Wherever it is that you’re personally noticing that you’re imbalanced; it’s time to re-balance.

Because when you get in balance, you actually get into a space of taking action that isn’t so forceful, which means you have to take less action.

You don’t have to push so hard. You don’t have to work so hard.

When you take that action it has more impact than when you’re just going, going, going taking action.

When you rest and slow down the results of that inspired action allow you to receive the love, wealth and abundance that you’re looking for.

So one of the things you want to also notice in the world, is there’s a ton of stress, there’s disease, there’s tension.

All of that is the byproduct of pushing yourself too hard.

Because when we’re in balance we’re not in a stress mode. Our bodies are relaxed and we’re able to take action from a relaxed place.

So right now, when we’re slowing down, we’re getting in a space of being stress free.

How To Anchor In This Energy Going Forward

The goal is to use the spiritual meaning of COVID-19 and learn how to maintain that stress-free momentum going forward even when we’re taking action.

Which means we need to slow down even a little more before we take action.

So this is why we’re able to step into a space of being able to create a new reality. Because ultimately we are in a prime position to re-balance ourselves and have a huge opportunity to manifest something completely different for our lives.

So start to look around and see where you’re imbalanced. Start to balance yourself. Then start to envision the future that you want and watch it as it manifests into your reality.

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But for now keep balancing and I’ll see you soon for the next video. Take care!