How To Get A Job During COVID-19

In today’s video we’re going to talk about how to get a job during COVID.

If you are in the process of trying to create a new job or career during this tumultuous time, you want to pay attention to this video.

In it, I share the two most common energetic obstacles that I see currently in the collective energy that are stopping people from attracting new jobs.

Then you will learn two easy steps to use to overcome them and easily and effortlessly attract a new job/career into your reality.

Lastly I share an experiment I ran during the height of COVID where I applied for several jobs to see what I could attract using my manifestation techniques.

You’ll want to stay tuned to hear more about that because the results were really interesting.

Obstacle #1 – Hesitation or Waiting

Obstacle #1 is hesitation or waiting.

I see a lot of people in the collective energy waiting to see what’s going to happen next in the world. Instead of going ahead and investing their energy in moving forward to create a new job or career.

They’re looking to the outside world as an indicator as to when they should make their move.

Right now in the collective energy, there is a feeling of there are very few job or career possibilities available right now.

It’s an energy that’s steeped in fear.

If you’re looking at the outside world to give you an indicator of what’s possible, you’re looking in the wrong direction.

Solution #1 – Turn Inward

The secret behind energy is you manifest from the inside out.

This means that what you are seeking is seeking you.

The more you look to the outside world at what other people are doing; the more you tap into the current collective energy of lack that is so present.

Instead of looking to the outside world to know what to do next, you need to turn your energy inward.

Start to build energy internally and that’s going to help you attract the job or new career that you desire.

Stop looking to everyone else to get your cues and start to look to yourself get your cues.

Obstacle #2 – Anxiety Closes Your Heart Energy

Obstacle #2 is anxiety causes your heart center to close.

While it does take physical effort to manifest something new into your reality; there’s actually a more important part to attraction and that is your emotional energy.

Your emotional energy is found in your heart space. It’s why your heart swells when you’re in love.

It is actually where the energy of creation comes from. Without emotional energy behind what you’re trying to attract, your results are going to be fruitless.

You will push and force through physical exertion to manifest because you don’t have the heart energy behind it.

Obstacle #2 – Anxiety Closes Your Heart Energy

You need to begin to practice heart-opening exercises.

By using heart opening exercises you begin to manifest at a much faster and easier rate.

To practice these exercises I have a video that will be the next suggested video at the end of this video.

It’s called 3 Heart Opening Tips To Amplify Your Attraction Point.

Make sure you check that out. It will help you to understand how to use these techniques to open your heart and manifest the career you desire.

The Experiment

Remember the experiment I was telling you about earlier?

I ran an experiment during the height of COVID. The goal was to understand if I could manifest a job even during all the uncertainty.

I set my intention that I wanted to manifest a job in San Diego.

Then took a little bit of action. I spruced up my LinkedIn account and I applied to about 20 jobs not just in San Diego but all over the US.

Then I used my heart opening techniques to send the energy out that my intention was to have a job in San Diego.

You know what happened? None of those jobs that I applied to got any results.

But what did happen is I had two people reach out to me inviting me for interviews for jobs that were in San Diego.

I had never heard of these companies and had never applied for any of these jobs.

I wanted to prove that during even financially desolate times, this general feeling of lack that is in the world is not true.

That we can actually create exactly what we want no matter what’s happening around us.

And it just went to prove that if I can do it so can you. Because I’m not anymore special than you.

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