How To Let Go To Step Into A Better Life

Hi there, I’m Tanner Kennedy, Intuitive Life Transformation Strategist and welcome to my Youtube channel, The Own Your Worth Project. In today’s video we’re going to talk about how to let go of your old life in order to create a better life. 

In the process of manifesting and attracting the things that we desire most, we have to be willing to learn how to let go of the old to be able to receive the new.

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Harness Your Energy To Let Go

As energy goes, you only can hold so much energy.

In order to let something new in, you have to create a vacuum or a space to allow this to happen. 

But in this process, you also have to instill a measure of faith because the Universe is always asking you to expand.

It’s whether or not you’re willing to step into that expansion that the Universe is pulling you towards.

Often what happens is we get stuck and we don’t expand even though the opportunity is there because we’re too afraid of what we’re are going to lose.

Shift Your Mindest Around Letting Go

There’s a really good way to look at letting go.

Instead of looking at what you will lose by letting go of this person, place, job or whatever it is that you’re looking to move away from; you have to start to refocus your mindset.

You look towards what is it that I will gain from moving away from this one thing and moving towards something else.

When you really start to focus and shift your energy towards what you’re going to gain versus what you’re losing, then you’ll truly be able to be able to create what you want.

For example, when you want to release something, let’s say a job for example.

When you want to walk away from a job you think about all the things you are going to lose.

You are going to lose a paycheck, your colleagues, your stability or your health insurance.

But if you start to refocus and look at where you want to head, you realize by learning how to let go of that thing maybe you gain more freedom.

Maybe you gain the ability to actually create the opportunity to make more money.

Maybe you gain the ability to step out of a toxic environment and move into a more happy environment that better suits you; that better fits your needs.

But until you’re willing to cut the cord; you can’t actually step into that new reality.

When Holding On Becomes Toxic

So I challenge you to look at the things you’re moving towards and what you will be gaining versus what you are losing.

Because the longer you stay in an environment where it no longer serves you, that’s when you create toxic relationships.

Toxic relationships aren’t natural.

Toxic relationships are when one person wants one thing, another person wants something else or the dynamic is not matching anymore.

And neither one of them are willing to let go or change and evolve to get to that space of a better opportunity, a better life for everyone involved.

So it’s by letting go you actually release that negative energy and the toxic build-up, so that you can move on to where you need to be. 

5 Blocks That Sabotage Your Manifesting Powers

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So check that out and think about what you’re gaining and not what you’re losing, so that you can allow yourself to move forward.

I will see you in the next video! Take care!