How To Trust The Universe When Everything Is Falling Apart

Hey there! Do you feel like everything in your life is falling apart right now? ARe you struggling on how to trust the Universe at this moment?

Maybe you’ve recently lost a job? Or a major relationship ended? Or someone that you love passed on?

If so, you’ll want to watch this video because in it I teach you how to trust the Universe even when everything is falling apart.

Why Things Are Falling Apart

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So let’s go ahead and dive on in to how to trust the universe when everything’s falling apart.

When big things fall apart in your life it’s because bigger, better and more aligned things are coming into your reality.

This is all part of the manifestation process.

But often when this stuff happens people get really scared because the things that are taken away often are symbols of our sense of safety and security. They have a lot to do with our current identity.

So when they are removed from our lives it can often leave us in a state of fear.

There’s actually a deeper reason this is happening. There is a shift going on.

But before I tell you about that shift…

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How To Trust The Universe To Follow Your Internal Shift

The deeper reason why things are falling apart is because your internal needs and desires are shifting.

So basically the Universe has to take away the old structures that are no longer serving you and they begin to crumble.

As this process occurs you actually step into more emotional fulfillment.

The best thing you can do when this is happening is to allow it to happen.

Accept the changes and you’ll watch as you come to the other side you will be more emotionally fulfilled.

Processing Your Emotions

So the last part of trusting in the Universe when everything is falling apart is to process your emotions.

Because anything that we have built,create or have expectations around has an investment of emotional energy.

As those things start to crumble you have to process the emotions that come up around them.

So you can release those expectations; release that identity; release the old so that you can step into the new.

And when you do that’s when you create more emotional fulfillment that is aligned with who you truly are.

So if you’ve been going through this lately trust that things are working out even if they don’t look like they are.

Thanks again for stopping by and watching this video.

Take care and I’ll see you soon!