Taking A Risk – Why There Is No Such Thing

In today’s video we’re going to talk about why there is no such thing as taking a risk.

You hear the phrase you have to take a risk to get what you want in life. I’m going to explain to you from an energetic perspective why there’s no such thing as risk.

There is only the concept of creation. And there’s only the concept of what you are energetically and emotionally ready to receive into your life.

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The Concept Of Taking A Risk

First I want to actually break down the concept of taking a risk.

The idea of taking a risk says that you will attempt something and if you fail ultimately you’ll have to pay the consequences.

But from an energetic perspective taking a risk is not real.

When you fully commit your energy and move towards something 100%, risk is eliminated.

Ideas, solutions, pathways, all these things open up to you as long as you continue to move your energy forward.

It’s when you divert your energy because of fear or distractions that the risk becomes real.

Your energy becomes muddled. The ideas, solutions and pathways cannot be presented to you because you don’t
have an energetically clear direction of where you’re going.

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You Have The Power

Ultimately you have the power. You have the power to direct your energy towards your goal.

When you get directed off course by emotions or distractions your energy splits
and you’re no longer moving 100% towards what you wanted to do.

This is where risk happens. When you can master your emotions and eliminate the distractions and keep focused the risk is no longer a part of your reality.

You’re energetically aligned and you will reach your goal and create success.

Mastering Your Emotions

I want to dive a little deeper into this concept of mastering your emotions.

The universe can only bring you what you’re energetically and emotionally ready to receive.

If you’re distracted by something or your emotions get the better of you it splits your energy and you’re not able to go directly to your goal.

In order to eliminate this concept of risk you have to learn how to master your energy and master your focus regardless of what is going on around you.

I challenge you to figure out where your energy is being split. Figure out where fear is coming up and where it’s stopping you from moving directly forward.

Where is it diverting your energy away from the goal? Figure out how you can get back on track and master your emotions.
Then you can eliminate risk and create only success.

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