The #1 Secret To Manifesting Money In 2020

Do you feel like you’re constantly striving and struggling and working hard to get little to no results around wealth and abundance?

If so you’ll want to watch this video, The #1 Secret To Manifesting Money In 2020.

Hi, I’m Tanner Kennedy, Intuitive Money Transformation Strategist and I help you
attract the wealth and abundance that you desire using the Law of Attraction, intuition and energy.

In today’s video we’re going to talk about how the energy has shifted in 2020 and what you need to do now to manifest money moving forward.

The Old System

As the world currently stands it is based on production, consumption and quite frankly workaholism.
Basically we are moving faster than ever.

And guess who has to keep up with that pace to make sure that we keep up with demand?

You got it – it’s YOU! You probably see yourself falling prey to this pattern of behavior.

The constant pushing for more.

So I just left a corporate job and I lasted only eight months.

There are people who live in the system and it’s the only system they’ve ever known.

They don’t know that there’s a different way of being or doing out there and quite frankly when I looked around everyone was miserable.

They thought this was the only way that I can create the money that I need to have the life that I desire.

But the trick about that system is it’s just a trick.

In fact it’s the system that most of the world runs on but it’s not the only system.

In fact there are better systems.

That are more sustainable to ourselves and also to the planet.

But the thing is is when you come out of a system that you’ve been in for so long it can be very confusing and disorienting.

This is actually where COVID comes into the equation.

The energy has shifted on the planet and we’re entering a new system a new way of being.
We are being forced to slow down and people don’t know what to do.

So you’re probably wondering what this has to do with manifesting money in 2o2o.

Well in a new system there’s a new way to manifest money.

You have to know what to do to be able to draw it towards you.

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Are You Consumption or Creation Mode?

To attract money we must have a crystal clear focus on what we want to create.

This helps to build the intention and energetic momentum behind bringing our financial desires
into our physical reality.

The system the world currently runs on is designed to keep us out of this creation mode.

It’s designed to keep us enslaved and stuck in the same rut year after year; making hardly any progress.

We end up living in consumption mode.

But it’s only when we are in true creation mode that we can manifest the wealth and abundance we desire.

You’re probably thinking but Tanner what are you talking about? Don’t worry because I’m getting ready to explain.

The New System

In February of 2020 the energy literally shifted on the planet. It was soon after that that COVID hit the entire world.

So to make money in 2020 what we’re being asked to do is to be authentic. We have to go with the flow of life. We have to follow the rhythms of nature.

This means no more pushing to obtain more.

The people and the structures around us can feel that and it’s not going to work.

It means we have to take our focus away from making money and put it towards creation and service.

By doing this you’re going to allow the money to flow to you.

We can no longer chase it. If we get in that fear mode of chasing money it pushes it away.

So by stepping into the creation mode and not worrying about money we’re going to allow it to flow to us easier.

This is the art of attraction.

It’s about receiving. It’s not about pushing.

So that’s how you’re going to be able to start manifesting money in 2020.

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