4 Ways To Use Intuition to Build Wealth

In today’s video we’re going to talk about 4 ways to use your intuition to build your wealth.

Did you know by following your intuition you can actually reach levels of wealth you never before thought possible?

In fact by following your intuition you can bypass the “monkey mind” push through the fear and eliminate the sabotaging
behavior that keeps you stuck at a certain level of wealth.

In this video I’m going to show you those 4 ways that you can hone and develop your
intuition so you can incrementally upgrade your wealth.

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Step #1 – Listen To The Small Voice Of Possibility

So Step #1 is to listen to that small voice of possibility.

Often we can’t tap into our intuition because we’re moving too fast.

Our life is too chaotic or we have a racing mind that won’t let us slow down to really hear the nuggets of wisdom we need to know to expand our wealth to the next level.

So the key is to slow down and actually connect with your body. So you can understand what your intuition is telling you.

Because your intuition is always giving you the next step to take to get to where you want to go.

So a little trick that I use is I actually slow down and take a bath. I get in a body of water because it helps me relax and it helps you slow down everything.

And then I write down my thoughts as I’m in the bath. Then I use those thoughts to understand how I’m being guided to expand to my next level of wealth.

Then I begin to trust the small nudges that are being given to me.

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Step #2 – Look For Evidence In The Outside World

Step #2 is to look for evidence in the outside world.

To validate your intuition look for evidence in the outside world. Look around and see if what you want to create is already possible.

If somebody else has done it. If they have then you know that there’s a way and your intuition is leading you in the right way.

As you begin to focus on this thing that you want to create to build more wealth, you will watch as your intuition will guide you towards the steps that you need to take to get there.

All you have to do is follow those nudges one by one to arrive at the place of building more wealth in your life.

Step #3 – Amplify & Reinforce The Messages From Your Intuition

Step #3 is to amplify and reinforce the messages from your intuition.

As you begin to receive messages from your intuition you want to amplify that small voice you’re hearing into a bigger one.

You do this by anchoring the idea into your body. This helps you create more possibility.

You can do things like repeat over and over again what it is you’re trying to do or what you’re trying to achieve or the next step that you’re supposed to take.

Repeat that in your head or write it down again.

As you do this, you start to build a belief around that it is possible to take action on these things.

That will naturally lead you, your body, your mind and your spirit directly towards the next step you need to take to manifest
more wealth in your life.

Step #4 – Grow Into Your Truth

Step #4 is to grow into your truth.

As you begin to anchor the messages you’re receiving into your body, you’ll begin to
be able to take action with less and less resistance.

As you begin taking action, The Universe will meet you with signs, synchronicities and physical manifestations that will show you that you’re moving on the right track.

Eventually you’ll get to the level where you incrementally are upgrading your wealth step by step until you reach that desired goal that you’re looking for that you one-time thought was not even possible.

So go out there. Begin to anchor the messages into your body.

Follow your intuition and you can start to build your wealth.

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Take care!